Our Latest Project:                  Justin MacGregor Media


Justin MacGregor is a part of our affiliate team so when it came to designing something for him, it had to represent his style. Using SpotUV to mimic a retro film clapperboard's top profile, we created a card high on drama, but subtle on excess.


SpotUV coating is one of the simplest ways to highlight a certain aspect of a business card. Distilled even more simply to make it the text itself creates a fun play on light and angle, making this card truly interactive for the holder.

 Alpha K9

Michelle's husband came to us seeking to have an existing design printed to surprise Michelle for her birthday. We liked the idea behind her original - the husky eyes were certainly a great starting point. What the original lacked, however, was a simpler vision. There were a few too many words in a few too many places. Streamlining the wording down and putting a whole new image to use (with a little extra tweak-emphasis on the eye colour), we reimagined what this card could be. It had strong bones to begin with and now it's positively jacked. Hard to not get lost in that pup's blues...