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Can I help Everyone?

The answer is no, I can not help everyone, nor do  I take on more than 1 site at a time, I work with the client and meet several time to discuss their project  from website design, Logo design other marketing they are doing presently. We are not just a Web design firm, We are a Marketing company, we look after all our clients needs, from Business cards, brochures, door hangers, to web presence. 

   Just a sample of Sites that are high ranking that we have built 

All of these site maintain a 1st page position


Do you need help getting connected

We can help, from a small simple site to a prebuilt sift for your business with a complete SEO plan

Would you like to Lease or rent a site?

We are going to offer sites that can be leased for a small monthly fee, We will have prebuilt sites that can be leased, these sites will be keyword ready, SEO complete and on going.

The domain belongs to us, the site is owned by us, this is for the person who does not want to pay to have a site built, and the time it takes to do SEO and wait 4-8 months to have this process Propagate the internet. we of course will do everything to keep this site ranked as high as we can.

This saves purchasing a domain name, paying for the name every year, and of course the hosting which is a monthly fee, the cost to just have the site hosted with an SEO Tool package is $249.00 per year + Domain name per year, $14-$20. Of course the site has to be built and maintained, and someone has to do the search engine optimization, this is not just done once and left alone, it is ongoing, we think this is a great option for some people, ask for details 

Your website. Optimized.

Before engaging in SEO, a website requires a solid and proper structure, not only for functionality, but for search visibility as well. Website optimization focuses on your internal web page elements. This will include 

The meta data (title, description, heading and image tags), descriptive page content and conversion elements necessary to launch a successful website.   


 Questions & Answers:

I have a domain registered somewhere else. Can I use it with Only Way Web Solutions
Yes. It's easy to set up existing domains. Once you upgrade to a paid plan we'll guide you through the process.

What types of payments do you accept? We accept online payment by PayPal (credit card,  or offline payment by money order.

Do your websites work on mobile devices? 

Yes. Only Way Web Services websites work great on mobile devices.

I have email hosted at another company, will I lose them?
No. Once you sign up to a paid plan, we can show you how to have your email go to your iPhone or computer, you can point your DNS to us or Bring it over to us. We can set up your mail to a .com or .ca address with in minutes, cost is about 10.00 per year per email address

Can I change plans in the future?
Yes. You can upgrade/downgrade anytime.

Can I get started right away to a paid plan?

Our plans are for those that we build sites for, after purchasing a paid plan you will be live immediately

Any other questions? please contact us

Contact Only Way Web Services

 If your COMPANY is not found on PAGE 1 of search engines, you are loosing money to competitors, it doesn't matter how nice your site is or what you paid for it, if it can't be found, it can not been seen & if it can't been seen, you are not making MONEY

The Service is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization

 I specialize in getting you found and turning your website into a pot of gold, Google will like your site when i am done, they will rank it higher, and my goal is to get you on the 1st page.

Ranking high in Google and getting found- is not going to happen over night, or automatically!

Getting your site to Page 1 on GOOGLE is not included in website design, Unless you purchase that package, it can take as much as 4 -5 months to accomplish this., ( unless you buy ads form google)

This can not be understated, they are 2 different tasks 

Having a website that people can find is essential to making online revenue, sure you can buy advertising to encourage people to visit your site, HELPFUL YES, but wouldn't FREE website traffic be better.  

 Do your clients find it difficult to find you in the search engines, Like GOOGLE? 

Where does your company show up when you type " Your Business  TYPE in your city"  e.g  "Coquitlam locksmith" in the search box? ( it does not count if you type "Your Business Name" or " Your Website Address" into the search engine.)

Search Engine Optimization:

Acoording to Wikipedia, is the process of improving the volume  and quality of traffic to a website from search engines VIA "Natural" ("organic or Algoryhmic") search results ( as opposed to paid results) which are those "sponsored Links" you see at the top of search engine rankings.

This is important because the higher up it shows in the search results- the higher it ranks, and ultimately the more visitors it will receive from the search engine. Today more people are searching for businesses on google than those that use telephone books. 

Search Engine optimization is about Design and Marketing

Never guaranteed .. and never exact... and it is fluid.

Google is the largest of all the search engines, it is always changing it algorithms, as well as your competitors website continue to change as well.

If Google deems your website RELEVANT to the search query from a client, the higher you will RANK, their goal is to always provide the user the best match for their search term.

How does a search engine determine what (website or page) is the most relevant?

by looking at the coding and the content on a particular page within a site, other key is by seeing if said site is being reference by other sites as some sort of authority on that term.

This is a simplistic explanation : it is more complicated.

Search engine submission

We submit your website to the search engines every 7-14 days. This tactic ensures search engine awareness and responsiveness. We have found that it takes multiple submissions to get listed initially on the search engines in addition to follow up submissions to stay current with them.

Optimize for search engine success.

SEO includes things such as KEY WORD research, Meta Tags, Window tags, Optimized website content, back links and so much more, Some of this work is done in the site itself, other techniques are "OFF SITE" this can include other site linking to your site through articles, video, blogs and so on.

Both are very important

Because it is a lot of work to follow all of GOOGLES changes,  a lot of website designers simply don't put in the time into SEO and ignore it, they fail to even do the basic ON site optimization strategies when building sites. I always say you can have the most beautiful 57 chevy car, but if you don't take it out of the garage, no one will ever see it, this will leave you on page 11 or worse. 


Our goal is to get you found on PAGE 1 

Bringing a clients site to the first page of GOOGLE is a lot of work and takes several months to accomplish, but I have to say when this happens, it is the most fantastic feeling, watching the clients excitement to know they will finally make a living or meet new clients is worth that hard work. 

 Plan 1  $399.00

  • Build a 3 page site for basic needs, simply want an info site to direct previous clients for information
This site will be very basic in its design allowing you to have an INTRODUCTORY page, portfolio, and contact page, this will be for the client that just wants a place to send clients for updates and perhaps showcase pictures. 
Domain must be purchased separately
$13.95 -$19.00 per year, less if you buy 3 year plans.
This does not include HOSTING $10 per month
Each time we build a new site You have the OPTION to ...
Add  SEO Tools and hosting plan for a year $249.00, This is always your account, and can be maintained by you, add pics, add content when ever you like,this does not include the SEO work involved in your site, it is necessary though if you want site tracking, SEO scans, Site Statistics, Google map Integration

Plan 2 - $699.00

  • Build a 5 page site with a little flair
  • Perhaps a banner image
  • Logo 
  • Home page
  • Contact page
  • Portfolio page
  • Maybe a pricing page or information page
  • Basic On Site SEO Package
  • meta tags, alt text for images and descriptive tags.
  • Domain must be purchased separately
    13.95 -$19.00 per year, less if you buy 3 year plans

Plan 3  $1299.00

In this plan we will build a detailed plan around the marking you are doing presently.

  • We will look at your marketing materials and compliment them
  • We will build  7 or more pages, 2 revision rounds, a favicon, search engine friendly, so customers can find you
  • We will add Onsite SEO to all pages of the site, Alt Tags to every image, Descriptive tags with relevant key rich words
  • We will set up a Key word and keyword phrasing for the site
  • We will build you a site map, and send it to Google Bing Yahoo and Ask. this will help with SEO
  • Domain Name can be purchased separately or pointed to our host.
  • Domains must be purchased separately, range from $13.95 per month, 3 yr. purchases cost less
  • SEO PACKAGE must be purchased